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baeboy said: u live in nyc??? that is so tumblr


i made my family move here for the aesthetic

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My weight loss story: I’m Meghan and I lost 20 pounds in 4 weeks using this new cleanse and I haven’t even had to change my diet!! My metabolism is seriously faster than Usain Bolt now. The other thing I like about the cleanse is it’s 100% organic, and helps remove bad toxins from your body. If you’re somebody struggling to lose weight, I would highly recommend giving this cleanse  a try. I have yet to see anything else that works like it. Tip: Right now there’s a summer special going on where you can get a free bottle and only pay $2.95 shipping. Thanks to this amazing deal I got my free trial bottle and saved a bunch of money compared to other weight loss products. If for some reason you’re unhappy you can cancel your trial within 10 days and not have to worry about any charges, so there’s really no downside!!

thanks for the recommendation, because of the summer deal i got my free trial and paid less than three dollars!!! p.s. you looking freaking fab!! xox

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hearing a story thats obviously made up


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my mom is trying to pick a colour for her new wheelchair and me and my dad are telling her to get black and she’s just like “but how will I know if someone is stealing it” and my dad is just like “because you’ll be sitting on the floor” and she slapped him

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This is one of my favourite pictures of Kagura.:’) She likes to sit like a people and watch the laptop/TV

oh my God that is the cutest snake ever.

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what if people named their kids when they turn 18 so the kid has a name that fits its personality


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my family and friends trying to get me to leave the house


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